K corporation has launced "BALLOON" glass

K Corporation (Tokyo) has launched a new product line as “BALLON”.
There are 2 types: one is long height as “LONG” and the other is short height as “SHORT”. “BALLON” is designed by Japanese product designer, Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa. “BALLON” glass is hand-blown made by the craftsmen in Shotoku Glass Co., which is well known as “USUHARI” of the remarkable thin drinking glasses through the technique to produce the glass part of a light bulb.

Comment from Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa

Glass could be indentified as membrane. Hand-blown glass can let us feel a kind of tension, because not only it is influenced from that feature as membrane, but also it looks like a soap bubble which is shaped from blown soap, compared with just blown glass. “BALLOON” is designed for expressing the essential beauty of its blown glass. I respect the sign which is the essential of materials. Therefore this design is originated from the communication with a material, which intends that its nature supports to design its natural function in order to receive its sign.
The shape of “BALLOON” consists of 2 types of belly. Its shell, instead of its bottom, is transformed as usually bellied out, but the bottom is dented as round-bellied inside. This means that the hemispherical dome can be recognized at the bottom, when look at its inside.
As the result, the design of “BALLOON” has the function which can visualize the taste and beauty of an indescribably delicious liquid as a scene. This scene is appeared as the landscape projected by its round bottom, which is associated with space, in the glass of “BALLOON”.

The prices of "BALLOON" glasses are listed below.
■ LONG (BA-L) ¥3,900
■ SHORT(BA-S) ¥3,600

For further information, please contact K corporation.
Address:Paloma Plaza 3-13-15 Nishiazabu Minato-ku
Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan