Novice designer experience
Verónica Elizabeth García

As graphic design student, when I started many projects I wondered “What for is this going to be useful?” like mixing colors, drawing perfect shapes with the stylograph etc.
But in one of my final projects I understood the reason. Beginning to chose a Mexican region, look for information of the place, typical food, clothes, peoples costumes and so on, what for? To develop the corporative image for a restaurant placed in this city.

I choose Veracruz because they have a lot of tradition and seafood variety, after thinking about possible names finally I decided to name it “El cangrejo azul” (“The blue crab”). It was a little difficult to draw a crab, I did not want a crab with many details but one understandable and applying my design knowledge. I confess that it was a funny experience because I learned to play with shapes, positions, typography and specially with colors, obviously this crab had to be blue so I made proves with the blue range and trying to make good contrast with the typography, adding possible backgrounds and borders. The final logo is exactly the concept that the restaurant wants to transmit to their clients, a hot place where you will have a great time eating delicious seafood.
I was so happy to have a logo after making lots of proves, but this was just the beginning of the project.

The next step was to keep the restaurant concept in each application, here is where I applied each design knowledge, but also I realized that sometimes designers only think about creativity forgetting we have to be full of information that seems to not have importance but without it we are not able to go on in our projects, as knowing the data of an invoice or paper size, information I used to ignore.
I would like to talk much more about this experience not only from the designer point of view but as a person who was able to express personality and gifts, remembering we can enjoy the process of each project even if there are limits always we can do our best.