Gom by K-SHOP

"Rubber-based stationary goods and interior product line maintaining popularity for the past 40 years"
Interior goods made mainly of rubber and using stainless steel in certain parts. They are made by taking advantage of the elastic nature of rubber. Historical designs developed in 1972, they have been selected as a part of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collection and have won numerous awards.

About rubber
KUROKAWA became fascinated with the material of rubber because of its elastic nature. He was only in his mid-20s when he began to ask the simple question of why man-made materials were hard when all things made with organic materials are soft. This inspired me to create things like cities, architectures, and tools out of rubber. It was after he heard that rubber rings were used for two-wheeled motor vehicles, and that it was the twists in the rings that protected people’s lives, that he became hooked on rubber.

Ever since then, KUROKAWA has created many objects with rubber such as the interior of a shop, lighting fixtures called COBRA and COBRA Jr., a retractable pendant light with a rubber cap, floor lamp with rubber switch called Domani, and the GOM interior products introduced here.